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Ready to Buy Your First Home in redding?

Buying your first home is an important milestone in your life. The local loan experts at Loan Simple Inc. can help make the process easy!  Interest rates are still historically low, and first time home buyer programs are available to make your dream of homeownership a reality.  We are experienced in helping home buyers overcome obstacles to reach their goals and we care about finding the right program for you.  Talk to us today and we can share with you how to buy a house with no money down sooner than you think!

Some of the ways we can help make that a reality for you: 

  • Large Federal Tax Credit
  • Shasta County DAP Program
  • Shasta Lake DAP Program
  • City of Redding Down payment Assistance

Get a free list down payment assistance programs available to you!

Thank you x1000 I appreciate everything! Thank you for always following through and always keeping us updated on everything. I know our loan required some extra time and work and we are very grateful for everything you've done for us! When I came to see you about getting a house, I never ever expected for you to say we could actually buy something, especially with no money down. I really thought you were going to tell me I had to build our credit and save a lot of money. We are very happy!
-Mr. Manning

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